Data Tracking Opt Ins are Low for Apple iOS Users Spelling Trouble for App Marketers

Apps tend to track users quite a bit for a lot of different reasons with one of the main ones being that this ostensibly lets them improve the services that they are capable of providing. However, another major reason why they would want all of this data is for marketing purposes, and it is for this reason that Apple made it so that iPhone users will have opted out of data tracking from apps by default and they would have to intentionally opt in for app marketers to be able to gain access to this data.

This was obviously going to cause a lot of problems for app marketers, but after the rollout of the new version of iOS it’s started to become quite clear that things are even worse than they had initially appeared. Data from Flurry shows, only about 26% of users are deciding to opt in for tracking, and this number is for global users. Things are even worse for US based users, with only about 16% of them opting in for apps being able to track their activities online.

This is starting to result in a decrease in ad spends across the board, and advertisers and marketers might need to start looking into alternative ways of getting the targeted information that allows them to reach demographics that might be willing to give their products a try.

However, it should also be noted that Apple’s iPhone users are experiencing a previously unheard of level of privacy with regards to their activities on their phones, so while the marketing industry might not be doing all that well this is most definitely a pretty major win when you look at it from a user privacy perspective. Some might argue that marketing professionals needs to learn how to adapt since this is a trend that looks like it is going to get even stronger over time.

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