Augmented Reality is getting evolved to be used in Product Discovery and Purchasing Procedure, according to the recent report released by Snapchat

The famous snap sharing application among young generation, Snapchat is not letting its branded augmented reality tools to skip any opportunity through which it can show the potential it holds in modern times. Currently, the application has released an article based report highlighting the strengths of the AR tools in the light of promoting online businesses and how it can affect one’s behaviour as well as the changes it can bring in this process.

Snapchat tried to prove its point by collecting responses from a wide range of users based on their age. More than thousand users took part ranging from 13 years to 49 years. The wide range wasn’t just based on age, instead four major global markets were considered namely United States United Kingdom, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and France. Later, the collected user response was then cross checked with information provided by the industry against those who were familiar with the process of buying through AR tools. Conducting a survey at this level wasn’t just a one team job and hence Public Media offered their partnership to Snapchat.

As mentioned above, Snapchat’s main goal is to promote AR tools, and according to the report released, Augmented Reality is now being used oftentimes and could become an important tool in upcoming times. This statement was backed with the survey report showing that more than half of the users who took part in the survey were already familiar with Augmented reality and almost 1/3rd were experienced with branded AR tools. This showed that out of 1000 users, 3 out of 4 were confident about the influence AR will have in the upcoming 5 years.

It was revealed that more than half AR experienced users busily seek more information about AR and most of these searches are launched through Snapchat’s camera. Such commitment with the AR tools is helpful to prove the point raised by Snapchat as it shows that the intention for online shopping has gone up to every two out of three users who have experienced Augmented reality for buying online products and will keep using this experience to buy more items.

Recently, every major Social media or online buying sites have introduced AR tools on their respective platforms. Such initiatives are the main reason why the use of these tools is bringing in more methods to help online markets in adopting themselves to such changes as well as to change the perception.

The reason why AR tools were introduced was to provide the user a virtual experience of the actual world, and if the user experience didn’t go as it was supposed to, then the user may not consider these tools again. This is why for businesses to prosper, they need to put in maximum efforts to prevent any kind of negative encounter where the customer is not satisfied with the service and the product delivered. This is how if a brand is adopting itself to AR tools, then these changes could play a vital role in deciding the impact they are going to make on their buyers.

Snapchat is all set to welcome the upcoming AR shift and the company is clearly not in a mood to get passed by the Social media giant Facebook after they shared the plan of introducing the new wearable AR devices. In response Snapchat has decided to bring in its own version of spectacles featuring AR tools . The product was revealed last week to show that the company has learned its lesson from their first experience and is now aiming to lead the race of enhancing the AR Technology.
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