Reddit starts the translation of 5 languages in order to increase its user base

With the increase in the popularity of internet and the rise of technology came in a long list of internet based companies that started small but made it to the top of the list by creating exceptional product and services that in today’s day and age, are an important part of life. When the internet and personal computers came into existence, countries on the left side of the world map particularly the ones in Europe and America were the first ones to adapt it, since their companies were the ones making these technological advancements, this early access and adaptation of technology and internet gave the business sector of these nations an advantage over those on the right side of the map, thus they developed websites and applications like Google and Facebook which even after so many years are widely used all over the world.

This early adaptation of technology by countries in the west sure did caused an economic impact on countries situated in the opposite side of the world, they had to adjust to the applications and websites developed by western countries, however for people in other parts of the world that do not speak English, adjusting to these websites and application was and still is a huge problem. Since most famous websites and apps were founded in the west, thus the language used in them is English.

However, with the passage of time most companies have understood that to increase their users in non-English speaking countries they have to include translation on apps. One such company is Reddit, for those that don’t know Reddit is a social media forum and discussion website where users post interesting questions and content, the popularity of Reddit has grown a lot in the past few years, nowadays most famous YouTube creators have a sub Reddit where their fans post content while also discussing different things.

Reddit understood that to keep increasing its popularity it has to include translation which is why just last week the company launched its first phase of translation on its Android/iOS and web application, the first phase includes French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The company in its recent blog post said that they are taking this initiative to support more languages and to increase coverage.

This is not the only update Reddit has planned and released, the company is also planning to use new machine learning on its sort option, other than that the company is about to release a discover tab on its iOS app. These are surely excellent changes by Reddit, once these updates are released the user experience on the platform will significantly increase.

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