Now the users of Twitter can also get a weather update through “Tomorrow” by paying subscription charges

Twitter is one of the biggest social media platforms with millions of users around the globe where they can connect with other people, friends, can start their own businesses, get news updates, post different types of content, and much more. Twitter is making this social media platform a bit more exciting by introducing different types of features like Spaces, Tip Jar, and now it has announced a “Tomorrow” service in collaboration with expert weather journalists and other meteorologists, where users can get the accurate and authentic update of local weather. This service will work in the beginning in sixteen different cities of North American and staff consisted of 18 native meteorologists, they will present different types of content including paid and free of cost, however, the platform is planning to expand its services in more cities and regions.

Twitter is introducing different features not only to make its platform more interesting for users but also is trying to replace ads as the primary source of income after the latest update of Apple iOS 14.5. For instance, earlier month, Twitter also introduced a system called ticketing that allowed different creators to monetize their content on the platform.

Users will have to pay a subscription starting from $10 per month and users will be allowed to ask meteorologists different queries and it is guaranteed that experts will respond to the queries of users and send audio chats during the stormy weather conditions and users will also get newsletters every week. Users will also be granted access to podcasts and long-form news, not only that but users will also get discounts on “Tomorrow” service merch and other perquisites which only members can enjoy. It has not made cleared yet by the platform that what type of stuff will be free and what will be paid for.

The Product Vice President of the platform has stated that many people try to approach Twitter for authentic news about natural catastrophes such as floods, earthquakes, and storms. Therefore, the platform has decided to offer the services of weather. Twitter has also announced that it will spend 1% of revenue collection from users through weather services on Environmental organizations, if the platform is successful in getting more subscriptions that can have a more positive impact on the environment. Now, after the launch of this service, it will have to compete with native news platforms and other updates provides about the weather condition.

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