Google Meets brings out new feature that notifies and helps you solve your internet connectivity issues

With the increase in the number COVID 19 cases last year, big cities went into a lockdown, schools, colleges, tourist destinations, malls and roads all were closed. This forced offices, schools and colleges to start going towards the alternative option of conducting online meetings that were as long as the hours they were open before the virus. Most schools and offices chose Google Meet or Zoom as the new alternative. The Pandemic did prove to be very profitable for Zoom, Google and other such live video chat platforms.

This new way of working online did worked good for many people, as people were happy to work comfortably from their homes. However, things were worst for the people that had an internet with a low bandwidth or had a colleague or boss that had a poor internet connection because a poor internet connection while working online is a communication gap on a whole new level. This problem made people frustrated and made them hate the thought of working from home.

The tech giant ‘Google’ has the reputation of being a big problem solver and after noticing this problem Google added new features to the Google Meet that would help its users solve this problem. The new features have rolled out with the new update.

Now whenever the quality of your Google Meet call starts to get bad, it immediately notifies you that your internet connection is unstable. This notification helps users understand that the cause of the distortion in the voice or video of the other people in the meeting is not because of problems in their internet connection but because of their own internet connection being unstable.

The notification pops up from the three dots option that is placed beside other options like mute and leave. The notifications tell you to press the three dots options if you need any help regarding the internet instability issue.

The three dot option when pressed tries to figure out the problem with your internet connection and gives good solutions to the problems like turning of the battery saver mode, increasing processor speed and other solutions like turning up closed captions to compensate for the distorted audio.

This new option by Google will surely make working and attending school or other video calling sessions a whole lot easier and Google has managed to bring out features that separate it from the rest and will surely make more people choose Google Meet the next time they want to conduct an online meeting or session.


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