More information has been leaked about the upcoming multi-device feature of WhatsApp

12 years ago, the end to end encrypted messaging service, WhatsApp was released and in 2014,this application was acquired by the social media giant, Facebook. In this time period a lot of changes were observed. Either a new feature was introduced or an old feature was being removed. Bringing in a new interface, to making it a more secure application for one on one or even a group chat. However, during this time one thing that remained same was that the application could only be used on a single device.

To be able to use it on more than one device simultaneously has been a recurrent request coming straight from users. Few months back a rumour was raised that this request might get fulfilled. This news has been confirmed by WAbetaInfo. It has been revealed that with the multiple device feature, up to four devices can get linked with one WhatsApp account. The best part is that in order to get linked, WhatsApp mobile app or WhatsApp web won’t be necessary.

WABI in a new development, further revealed the steps being taken by the app developers. These steps include that an active Internet connection will no longer be necessary to let linked devices work. The original device of the WhatsApp account could stay disconnected from Internet for up to two months and still the other linked devices will work fine. Even though it will be a test run but still 4 devices can get linked in beta version. These 4 linked devices will include WhatsApp mobile app, WhatsApp for web, WhatsApp for desktop and WhatsApp through Facebook Portal. Participating in the beta test run is optional and anyone who wants to experience it can join and if anyone wants to keep using the older version, they can do that as well.

Previously, voice and video call was not available for WhatsApp web version but it seems like that it can also work on other linked devices. Only those who are not updated with the latest version will not be able to receive text messages or call from linked devices. A beta version will be released shortly and it is expected that in two months, the feature will be available for everyone however the time can still go up as the date has not been announced yet.

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