Google is experimenting with a more secured and improved version of synced passphrases called “Trusted Vault”

Google like any other tech firm is big on protecting the privacy of their users along with the data that their users trust them with and in order to make sure that they do the finest justice to their users trust, Google has come up with another new sync passphrase version which promises to protect user data along with providing it with other security features.

If you are someone who is not very much into technology and do not know what such terms like passphrase and all means, worry not, why are we here then. We will enlighten you with what it is and other things you need to know about it.

Google is testing its sync passphrases for additional security of the data back up like photos, passwords, back up history, all which users want to save and this can be done through ChromeSync. The passphrase can be either your Google account password or any other sequence of letters and numbers you like. Whatever pass code you will select as your sync passphrase will be encrypted to save the data using ChromeSync.

However, though Google already had a number of passphrase versions that the tech firm introduced for its users, it recently introduced another sync passphrase version which it claims is a more improved one to provide users with better security and to ensure them that their data is safe with the firm.

The new version of improved passphrases is called “Trusted Vault” and though a lot has not been said by the tech giant on this, Dinsan Francis dug in deep and found a bit of information that we will like to share with you.

The new Trusted vault version came to the public’s eye when people observed a few changes in the codes of the passphrases, the two new chrome flags that were first observed were in which the tech giant allows users to enable promos for a new sync version for experimental purposes and secondly asked to enable this experimental passphrase for better recovery of lost data. This meant that through using the new testing version of the Trusted Vault passphrase, users have a higher chance of recovering their data that has been threatened or harmed.

Apart from these two, a few more code change requests were observed by some users.

According to the company, this new Trusted Vault passphrase version is a more secured and improved one than all its versions before and this will provide users a better chance at security of data and recovery in case of any mishandling.

However, since the tech giant has not yet announced anything properly related this new version, we cannot say how in depth does this work, that whether this is for only Chrome related features or works for everything that Google is connected to. Answers like these can only be provided by Google itself who is yet to comment on the matter.

H/T: Chromestory.
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