LinkedIn's new data highlights the most desired skills during the pandemic

LinkedIn has released some significant details about the talent and skills big brands have been looking for. LinkedIn shared publicly about the growing advertising job industry and what abilities they are searching for to hire new marketing and advertising professionals.

LinkedIn’s information states that even after the ongoing pandemic situations when every other profession had faced downfall, marketing and related jobs are still in higher demand. Alone on LinkedIn 63 percent rise has been observed in marketing opportunities in the time span of six months. Overall 380,000 advertising employment opportunities have been listed in 2020.

The major reason behind such an immense growth is the skills a marketer owns. Marketing can be done expertly either in an online job or in-house job, the quality of work will not get affected in any case. Considering the countless limitation Covid-19 has put for everyone, digital marketing companies must enhance their accessibility and recognition and the stats presented by LinkedIn proved that there are tremendous chances for people skilled in marketing.

Along with sharing the demanding skills, LinkedIn mentions that it has witnessed a 24.5 percent growth in trainee positions and a 15% growth in marketing employer opportunities in the last six months. In the preceding year, despite of the Covid-19, nearly 17,000 marketing positions have been advertised to get a full-time paid marketer.

Instagram that has experienced 72 percent rise, digital marketing observed 63 percent increase, innovative problem management, and brand recognition that has seen 41 percent growth are the most demanding abilities for advertisers.

According to LinkedIn, it is important to note that every other employment opportunity on LinkedIn related to marketing demands digital marketer. There are so many chances for marketers to easily settle in digital space and the success rate is also higher for them.

Based on the number of jobs posted on LinkedIn, an expert digital marketer is the most popular position. Digital client managers, social network supervisors, digital advertising executives, copywriters, and digital analysts are some of the most demanding positions.

Nowadays, every other person is starting up a digital marketing agency and to flourish a group of marketers is required. Therefore, the chances of achieving success in short time is possible for skillful persons in this particular field. Such positions and employment opportunity also won’t get affected with any lockdowns or pandemics as the job can be done online smoothly.

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