Google Search is working on a region filter that will allow web users to search news related content to their country only

Google is the most used search engine on the planet with an endless amount of information present on this platform. According to an estimate the company receives almost 90,000 searches in just one second and 6 billion searches in a day. It is so interesting to see how the platform brings the related information of the user to the screen that they need, or they are searching for. So far, people get information from all parts of the world that may be irrelevant for them and that may take their time to search for information related to their country. But not now, the company of Google has announced that it is working on a country filter that will allow users to search news related to their country only. If users turn on this filter, they will only see the news info that is happening in their country.

This upcoming feature will be much useful especially during the pandemic situation when people are searching for a lot on this platform relating to the vaccination center, and the availability of vaccines, etc. With the help of this filter, users will not need to filter the news from their country manually instead the platform will bring all the news on their screen related to their country. You can even check by yourself that whether you are a part of this experiment. The feature was first spotted by Bapun Raz.

You need to go to the Google search and then tap the news section of the page, choose the tools and then you will see the web filter that will enable you to turn on the country filter. However, many people are not seeing this filter yet, as Google has note announced anything about the roll out this filter. With this feature, Google will make the search a lot easier than it was before, Google has provided control to the hands of users so that they can get the information they want.

The company understands that many people are not interested in getting the news of all countries, rather they just want to get the news of their region, therefore, this will be a much welcoming filter and that will provide a new level of search experience to users. The platform has also shared some screenshots how this filter will look like when it will be launched globally.

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