Google Sheets is making it more convenient for users to collaborate by including a comment sidebar

Even though, Excel is having millions of users around the world, and people can use it when even if they are offline. Google Sheets is gradually becoming successful in migrating users of Excel to Sheets by giving a tough competition to its rival by offering multiple features such as users can work online or even offline, and they can share their sheets with multiple users and enable other persons to comment or view the sheet which can be a perfect option for an organization or individual person.

Now, Google Sheets is making it more convenient for its users to share work with other users, but still, a lot of work can be done to upgrade it even further. Google sheet is now bringing new commenting options and discussion bar that will exist in the sidebar of its own, with more filters and exploration means. This will help users to make their worksheet in a better way and if we take an example of the organization, it will really help to add more people to work by taking their comments and including them in the discussions.

This new sidebar is different from the prior menu that was moving and whenever a user starts intermingling with a spreadsheet it suddenly vanishes that sometimes irritates a user, but now Google has solved this issue by changing the style of a list of options. The latest menu will be remained on the screen for an unlimited time if you open it once and you can even use it during your work on the Google sheet as a quotation. Users can see it by going to the comment section on the upper right spot of the sheet.

Google Workspace team has also shown pictures of how users could comment before and now in the latest menu. Google has also included a filters option in the comment section that can help users to categorize multiple comments, for instance, if users want to see opened comment only, they can see it by tapping the opened comment only, they can also check the resolved comments in a similar way, users are even allowed to check those comments that are addressed particularly to them. Users can restrict multiple comments to the present sheet only they do not want to see these comments on further sheets. Users are now even able to see comments in one line and users can even move particular comments up and down through the latest navigation options in the sidebar. Google has said that users will be able to see the latest comment style in upcoming weeks.

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