Google Chrome makes locating tab groups effortless; Tabs will now be placed in Bookmarks and History

Google is planning to let users locate their tab groups through history and bookmarks and we’re elated.

According to Leopava64 on Reddit, Google showed signs of finally launching a shelf to house the group tabs in the history section of Chrome. The discovery was made through a new Chrome Canary Flag (chrome://flags/#tab-restore-sub-menus). The arrival of this feature on stable is anticipated with the rollout date unknown.

Google introduced tab syncing through creating 'groups' to keep your tabs together last year. The users were ecstatic to have the same tabs accessible at once however the setup was messy with no specific place to store the tabs.

We have been expecting Google to launch a systematic setting for the feature for some while now and even though we anticipated the introduction of these groups to the Reading List, we weren't too disappointed or surprised to find out that google history is where these groups would reside instead.

Tabs would now have their little sections in History along with the recently closed tabs. They would be present below the recently closed tabs where the tabs would have their sub-menus giving you the option to either instigate all the tabs at once or restore a single one individually instead.

We’re skeptical about the launching of this service as the uncertainty of having these tabs across multiple devices is killing us. If Google decides to keep the tab frame intact as well aligned with the tab group, then we will be able to access the tabs across multiple devices! We can not be happier about the multi-device syncing finally getting a roll.

Here is where the organization comes in. Leopava64 also discovered that Google is deciding to shelve these tabs in the bookmarks section as well. The tech giant aims to provide a tidier look by labeling the bookmarks with the name of the tabs.

The process to sync these in is pretty easy too. Simply right-click the tab where a tab group exists and select the option asking to bookmark all the tabs, which will place your selected set in the bookmarks with neat folder labels. The sequence of the URLs is supposed to match that of the tab strip. Furthermore, if tabs groups are named similarly, they will be merged instead with the tabs aligning accordingly.

Google’s new initiative to improve the space of online hoarders has surely managed to turn a lot of heads. The question here remains whether we will be able to sync these tabs across multiple devices?

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