Google Chrome resumes showing full web addresses in the URL bar after users displeasure towards the new update

Google is without any doubt one of the top search engines in the world and it knows that a large number of people rely on its platform to search their queries or to find stuff online. This realization makes Google work harder to bring new changes on its products however sometimes some new changes aren't liked by the public no matter how good intentions the company holds.

Something similar happened during mid-June 2020 when Google released a new update for the Chrome 85. With the update the browser stopped showing the full address of websites in the URL box. This means that any website or webpage that users went onto, they didn't get to see the complete details of the webpage they were on. Users were however able to see the complete web address once they clicked on the URL box.

Google Chrome users showed a very big dislike towards this particular feature. Users said that they hate this new feature, one user said that the new feature is like a car that doesn't show you the meter reading once it goes above 40mph. Apart from that with this feature user were not able to tell the difference between two pages of the same website as it showed only the websites name.

Users also believe that this feature decreased the possibility of them detecting any malicious behavior on the website

Chrome didn't give a public explanation for this change but earlier this year in a design document, Google's software engineer said that it was a design change which was made because users sometimes full addresses can make it harder for users to see if the current site they are using is safe or not.

With all the complaints and criticism on this new feature, Google has finally decided to change things and bring them back to normal.

Google have now decided not to cut down the web addresses in the URL box. In a recent update by chromium a web developer announced that the experiment of making cutting down the URL didn't go really well, which is why they have stopped it.

The change is now already made in the Chrome 91 and users won't have to do anything extra to view the whole web address. This change surely does solve a big problem for Chrome users.

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