Google Chrome is testing a new customizable shortcut in the address bar option on its browser for Android users

Google Chrome browser is the most used browser around the world with over 2.65 billion users. It has a market share of about 63.5% in the world, while its market share of mobile browsers is about 62%. Almost 47% of the people of the US use this Chrome browser for their internet usage. The giant company Google frequently tests multiple interfaces for its Chrome browser, however, most of the trials get abandoned in the end due to different reasons. For instance, the lowest side of the interface of this browser has disappeared now maybe for decent reasons, and Google is experimenting with other innovations for its users to provide them an easy, unique, and fast experience of browsing through the Chrome browser.

The recent change that the company has made in its Chrome browser for Android is customizable short-cut in the middle of the address bar option and tab switcher option. The company has introduced the latest button in between the address bar option and the tab switcher for the users of the Beta 92 version of this browser. The company has rolled out new short-cut options for a few of its users and for others, it has launched the possibility of share. People know different types of tests of the company but this time, this experiment will bring some more besides just random trials. Users can now modify the button in the Canary browser of version 93. Users will also get the default option that will suit their practice. The interesting part of this test is people can select the latest short-cut tab, the option of share, and the exploring feature of the voice.

Those users who are excited to see the recent change that the company has bring for its users, need to first install the Canary version of Chrome on Android device and go to the Setting menu beneath the advanced option in blue color, they will find the toolbar short-cut option right under the Homepage button. If some users of the Chrome Canary browser are unable to get this feature, they can also enable this option by turning on 2 flags chrome://flags/#adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar and chrome://flags#adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar-customization. However, the controls are extremely fussy so far, and the algorithm after it is almost indicating the exploration of voice out of the blue for users and the short-cuts option is vanishing entirely once in a while. Google has brought this option for the first time for the ease of its users. It is hoped that similar options are also coming soon on this browser.

H/T: AndroidPolice.

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