Google Analytics Attempts to Provide More Privacy Conscious Data Sources for Marketing

Protecting the privacy of users is a really important thing since it can help facilitate an internet ecosystem wherein users would generally not be concerned with the thought of having their privacy compromised in any way, shape or form. This is why companies like Apple as well as Google are taking steps to ensure that consumers get the chance to control the data that can be used for various purposes, but one pertinent side effect of this that really should be noted to an extent is the fact that this severely limits the marketing capabilities of various brands.

Brands require the use of user data in order to zero in on the thing that they can do in order to boost their sales, and the upcoming ATT update for iPhones is going to make this a really difficult thing to acquire. As a result of the fact that this is the case, Google is trying to bridge the gap between the importance of user privacy and the requirements of various brands to ensure that these users can end up finding products that truly matter to them.

The manner in which Google is doing this involves the use of machine learning which will be applied to a much broader dataset. Combining this with insights that were acquired before the changes were put in place, Google will essentially try to infer user preferences rather than mining these preferences through data at any given point in time. Google’s analytics are going to start adding these inferences quite quickly, and this might just be the solution that was required in order to help brands remain viable as consumers become increasingly privacy conscious over time.

The fact that being able to opt out of data tracking is possible at all means that users are going to be availing this feature quite enthusiastically in the future. Brands need a solution that can help them keep their businesses going, and this innovation from Google might be just what the doctor ordered in this regard. This might just prove that it really isn’t all that necessary for companies to infringe on user privacy in order to gain access to the data that matters to them. In a way, this could start to make the whole industry a bit more sustainable as well as ethically sound in the long run.

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