Facebook takes the greater stage and is now prompting why users should enable ad tracking directly on the News Feed

Remember when Apple launched its software version 14.5 with an App Tracking Transparency feature earlier this year, which asked all application on its App Store to take user consent from then onwards before they track any user’s data, which for your information was stored without user consent on both Android and Apple.

Apple however, is very conscious of its user’s privacy and though better late than never it introduced this feature so that its users can have a sense of security and ownership over their data.

However, though users were really happy with this new feature being launched a lot of applications were not. Facebook being on the top of this list. Facebook claimed that through the launch of this App Tracking Transparency Feature, Apple more than its user’s, is benefitting itself and this new feature will be a really downplay for most applications and businesses. Why is that?

Well, a lot of applications collect and store data to target specified ads to their audience according to their preference. Facebook generates a large number of its own revenue through targeting users with their preferred ads, and the tech giant knew that if this new feature will be launched on Apple a lot of new users will opt out of using it.

Hence it began notifying users as to why their acceptance of tracking on their application will help Facebook. Firstly, Facebook made it their business to make it clear that through their application many small businesses are being helped when they reach you through targeted advertisements, which opens many doors of customer growth for them.

However, while this was only a small notification popping up on the timeline before, Facebook is now taking a bigger stage and pushing big and clear messages related to how your app tracking acceptance can be helpful for small businesses to grow on their platform, as first spotted by Matt Navarra.

While Facebook does help small brands to grow, Apple claims that this is just a safe way for Facebook to lure users into accepting this policy and it has greater motives than just small brands.

The Apple 14.5 feature has now been launched and most users now are asked if they want the application to track them or not. Accepting and denying sole-y depends upon the users’, and while Facebook and other applications really hope you do accept this, it is your call to make.

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