Survey Shows The General Population's Disdain Towards Corporations Profiting Off Of User Data

A recent survey was conducted by Invisibly, polling 1320 people and gauging their opinions on corporations profiting from their data.

Invisibly is a company that provides services related to an individual's online presence. It markets itself as a brand that wishes to empower individuals by displaying just how much user data gets siphoned for advertising. More obviously, Invisibly allows users to utilize their online data and earn money from it in the form of surveys. The company's incentive is that with such methods, users can profit off of data that is rightfully their property. In an attempt to gauge their target audience and note the public perception towards corporations and online data, it seems that Invisibly has turned to conducting polls.

Parameters for the study included conducting polls across a total of 1,320 individuals. The survey was conducted over a period of 11 days, from April 23rd to May 3rd, 2021. Individuals were asked a total of 6 questions as part of the survey, with two relating to basic bio data (ages and genders). The other 4 questions pertained to the study itself. The first one asked the sample population what their opinion was of companies profiting from their online data. The second question whether they were even aware of such actions occurring in the first place. The third asked users if they'd like to willfully earn money from their data themselves. The final question asked the population whether they'd like to control access to their own personal data.

Some major highlights from the study indicate that public perception towards data siphoning is not at all pleasant. 79% of the sample population did not approve of companies profiting off of their data. 77% even actively wished to have a greater say in controlling their own online identity. Only 46% of surveyed individuals wished to actively earn money from their data, which indicates a sense of mild paranoia that surrounds online behavior nowadays. 71% of the sample's individuals were also completely aware that companies were actively profiting off of their data. This indicates an increased sense of awareness in the general population regarding the actions of Big Corp. online. In general, people seem to have become more cynical of corporations, which could be the after effect of late-stage capitalism hindering general progress in the world.
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