Facebook is planning to add shops on WhatsApp to make shopping more convenient

As online shopping is becoming more and more popular, the social media platforms are devising different strategies to make it even more easier than before.

Previously, Facebook added shops on Instagram and Facebook marketplace that has now became a permanent option on the navigation tabs of the apps. However, in this week’s update, Facebook is extending its e-commerce plans and bringing the shops option as well as other updates to its very own WhatsApp app. It means that shopping is going to be easier than ever.

CEO Mark Zuckerburg introduced three e-commerce upgrades for Facebook owned apps. The advancements include addition of shops on WhatsApp and open market, shops advertisements, and visual search feature for Instagram.

According to Mark Zuckerburg, Facebook is trying to make it easier for the business to extend their audience reach and grow smoothly. Interested people will be able to communicate with the sales management before purchasing, instead of directly placing an order. In a previous update, WhatsApp rolled out an upgraded business account section that took weeks to develop and now a businesses can sign up within minutes. Despite the fact that WhatsApp has over 2 billion users worldwide, around 175 million people utilize WhatsApp business accounts regularly to maintain their customer service. Facebook has been developing e-commerce facilities on Instagram since last year and the chances that this strategy will spread to WhatsApp are high.

Shops merchandise in Market system is currently accessible for Shops in the United States with on spot checkout, and the implementation of Shops in WhatsApp will begin shortly.

Another feature among the new updates is Shop Ads that seeks to give a better personalized purchasing experience depending on the people shopping preferences. Marketers will be provided with the ability to lead customers to the best shopping place according to their shopping history.

One more feature AR Dynamic Ads seem to be officially live in the United States and brands like Huda Beauty and Laura Mercier are implementing them to allow buyers to try on lipstick tones with AR prior purchasing them. Interfaces such as Modiface and Perfect crop are used to bring this feature live. During the first few months of 2021, Pinterest has already teamed up Modiface to develop an augmented reality eyeshadow application.

Similarly, a visual search function based on AI will be releasing on Instagram later this year. Online shopping is all about watching something, liking it, and wanting to buy it. But the main problem is to search for shops to place an order. That’s where AI is going to help the businesses.

People will also be able to look up for similar items using this AI interface by uploading their relevant images. Although, Facebook is not the one who initiate this program, Cadeera, Donde Search, and Stye.ai are the examples that implements AI program. However, introducing this expertise to big websites could modify the shopping habits, which appears to be Facebook's present purpose.

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