A big win has been secured by YouTube and other platforms after EU ruled in favor of them over copyright

Mega video sharing hub, YouTube and some other content hosting platforms will not be found responsible for violating copyright in some special cases as announced by the top court of European Union on 22nd June.

The court did say that if the online platforms are aware that the content being posted is found to be illegal and still they gave other users the access to that content instead of removing it from the site. In such cases these platforms will be held responsible.

New and modified laws were also introduced by the European Union. These laws had some parts that gave rise to controversy as well after it was advised that social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube and other such applications should install blockers and filters that can restrict users from posting material that can violate copyright.

The case initially started based on the videos that were posted 13 years ago. These videos were the recordings of Frank Peterson, music producer, who filed a lawsuit against YouTube in which he claimed his right for his videos. Court ruling in favor of YouTube and other sites is a big win for these kind of platforms that keeps facing similar struggle with other artists as well.

YouTube has fasten up its rate of action against copyright infringement in the past few years. This lead to wrath in many artists and creators. This issue became more serious after an automated tool was introduced for content moderation due to Covid19 pandemic. Over $4 billion have already been paid by YouTube to music industry last year. Out of the 4 billion dollars, 30% of this amount was generated from monetization.

The spokesperson for the video sharing hub told that YouTube is always fair when it comes to paying its users and taking copyright actions. To make sure they remain fair, this is why they invested in an automated tool that is playing a major role in generating revenue for the company.

Image Credits: Olly Curtis/Future / Getty Images
H/T: Reuters.

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