Facebook Is Starting To Allow Employees To Begin Remote Working, And Mark Zuckerberg Seems Up To The Task

Facebook is going to start allowing it's employees to work from home more, starting with its own CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

This announcement came via a series of memos sent out to the 60,000 employees currently working at the company. Reported by the Wall Street Journal, the memos explain that workers could now start applying for remote working, allowing them to submit assignments and follow up on deadlines from the comfort of their home. This does, however, come with specific caveats. First of all, permission must be granted by higher ups before an employee can begin their remote employment. Secondly, even with remote working permission having been granted, the employees will be required to come to their office at least 50% of the time. Then again, especially for the likes of parents or individuals with dependents at home, this is still a big win.

The memos also reveal some words from CEO Mark Zuckerberg himself. Zuckerberg explains that he will also be working from home half of the time moving onwards, and also elaborates on his reasoning. Other than simply putting some time aside to spend with his family, Zuckerberg states that he found remote working to improve his long-term thinking. It's also reportedly made him happier with his surroundings, a necessary part of any work environment.

This decision definitely feels like a product of the COVID-19 pandemic raging throughout 2020. With so many individuals having worked from home, and in a world that's increasingly reliant on online sources for said work, companies have become more open to the idea. Much of 2020 also had newspapers and articles dedicated to making remote working the new norm. It's an interesting way to see how the world has changed post 2020, and how pandemics influence people even after their effects start to abate. It should be noted, however, that the COVID-19 pandemic is still prevalent, and people should be vaccinating as soon as possible.

In fact, remote working as a long term standard of office conduct has been touched upon by Facebook before. In a 2020 interview, when the social network’s offices were strictly under work from home regulations, Mark Zuckerberg even touched upon his hopes of moving Facebook's business model to complete remote working in about a decade or so. Which seems very fitting for a company that revolutionized distance communication.

Photo: Bloomberg / Andrew Harrer

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