New updates on the Google Assistant will make controlling your Android phone through voice much easier than before

Humans have been inventing new and better technology with each passing year to make work easier for them and optimize manual work. One such technology that is starting to revolutionize the way we do daily tasks and access our devices is voice control.

Voice control as the name suggests is the ability to control devices with your spoken words, any device with voice control enabled works on the command of its owner, nowadays voice control devices like the Amazon's Alexa is pretty common and can be seen in many homes, people use Alexa's voice command to control all their technological devices be it their lights or refrigerator, this decreases manual labor and saves time.

Apart from controlling different devices through voice, mobile phones Android and Apple both can also work on voice commands.

The tech giant Google is one company that has been working on the voice command features for phones for a long time now. Google first released its Google assistant in 2016, the Google Assistant enables users to interact with their device, ask it questions and control it while only using their voice.

A recent blog post from Google suggests that the Android phones are about to get interesting updates that will make it easier for users to control their smartphones with voice command. The new update includes the upgrade of the Google Assistant and the Voice access, both these products provide users with voice control over their devices.

After the update Google Assistant will let users search for actions and things inside different third party apps, this means that any person using Google Assistant on an android phone would not only be able to control Google's different apps but will also be able to control small actions and features in other apps as well, which is a great step towards advancing voice recognition in mobile phones.

Apart from that the Voice assistant for Android is also getting a few powerful upgrades that include the improved password input support and a gaze detection feature. The password input support will let users input their passwords precisely and now users can even put in a password with a number, special symbol. This means that users can say the name of any special character like the dollar sign and the Voice access would input it.

The gaze detection is one interesting feature which restricts voice access to work only when the user is looking directly at the device, this will allow you to talk with other people around you without accidentally making your voice access think that you are commanding it as the gaze detection will detect whether or not you are looking at it, the gaze detection feature however is still in its beta version.

Both these new updates will definitely prove be a great leap in voice recognition technology, and other tech companies will soon dive in and release more voice recognition technologies.

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