Facebook tests its latest announced Clubhouse-clone audio rooms with users in Taiwan

The audio chat feature of Clubhouse gained so much popularity soon after its launch. It saw the peak downloads of about 9.6 million in the month of February that other big platforms started following the trend as Twitter launched Spaces which is also the rival of Clubhouse and Facebook also made the announcement of an audio room feature, about a months ago. In the month of April, Clubhouse saw a major downfall that only 900,000 people downloaded this app, however, there could be many reasons for that, one of them could be the exposing of the privacy of users online. The new audio feature of Facebook can even give tough competition to Clubhouse as the company is launching the initial test of its audio room feature in Taiwan.

According to a report, Facebook launched the first test of its live audio rooms with public figures and creators in Taiwan to expand the audio services of the company. Taiwan is one of the most exciting markets of Facebook with the social media giant enhancing a 97% infringement amongst internet users in the island country in 2018. Public figures and politicians continuously debate significant issues and liberally interact with their audiences on the Facebook app.

Facebook already has a large number of users on its platform so it is hoped that its new feature will take less time to gain popularity across the world. Facebook announced the audio room feature that also includes the listening of podcasts, discovery instruments, and a new “Soundbites” functionality that will allow users to make short-form audio clips using a range of attempts and tools. Facebook is further planning to bring these live audio rooms in its groups and it will also introduce stars through which users will be able to support their ideal creators.

These audio rooms of Facebook will be quite similar to the audio rooms of the Clubhouse app, while the company is also bringing the payment methods that will enable the creators to monetize their endeavors from the beginning. Given that Facebook even now supports Video rooms, clambering that in return to audio should not be a massive leap, technically, but even so, Facebook is taking a measured methodology to launch. Facebook has said that it will limit this test at the start, however, it will introduce these features to groups later and that will ultimately play a vital role in the success of the company.

Facebook will try to focus on groups as over 1.8 billion people are active in the groups, and users will find the audio rooms according to their interests, unlike in Clubhouse where a lot of users are complaining that there are getting too many notifications which are destroying the quality. Reddit has also introduced its audio chat feature “Reddit Talk” will is also considered so far as the winner in audio rooms. Most people think that Facebook will become the leader of audio features in the long run after introducing this feature in groups.

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