Creators can easily edit their videos with the help of upcoming feature named “Smart Crop” on the Facebook platform without spending much on other editing apps or re-takes

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms in the world with more than two and half billion monthly active users across the world. This platform provides multiple opportunities not only to creators but to all users where they can connect with their friends, upload, and share their photos and videos, not only that they can also edit these videos on the same platform. Facebook is working on many features to make it easy for users to stay on one platform, one of the features that the company has introduced recently is a “Smart Cropping” feature for users to edit their videos without spending a high amount on other apps, or they do not need to re-shoot such videos as well.

This feature will be much helpful for those who want to run some tests on their videos but cannot afford a high amount on reshoots or managing videos. This latest element will be accessible within the creator’s studio which has the capability of machine learning to detect some most exciting and fascinating moments in the video which can attract audiences more appropriately. When the feature will successfully detect the important moments within the video, then it will run some automated editing on video content with the help of these computations that it has made. Now creators can also use this element while editing their videos without wasting much time on lengthy videos to identity the exciting moments in it, they can simply make automated editing on their videos and can share them with their audience in no time.

The social media consultant Matt Navarra has unveiled some screenshots of this latest feature to show that how it will work and how users can access this element to modify their video. The company is going to make this element extensively available, and the smart cropping feature will make the video more fascinating and engaging for users. Creators can generate a 1:1 or 1:4 edition of the video format to show the audience by using the chosen device category. The company has stated that this smart feature will keep the main points of the video a center of attention so that users can easily upload these clips to the creator’s studio without wasting time on manual editing. This feature will allow users to check the edited clip before posting it publicly, and users can also make a comparison between the older clip and the newly edited clip. This feature will focus on faces just like the same technology of the platform does in the video calls of Portal.

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