Google, Apple, Facebook and other big tech giants under attack as 26 million login credentials get stolen

Cybercriminals successfully terrorize netizens once again by hacking millions of user accounts.

Another hack has surfaced where millions of user logins were hacked from well-known mega-platforms including Instagram, Apple, Gmail, and eBay. These aren't all the sites that have been attacked, seeing how these malicious criminals managed to get through Amazon, Netflix, and even Twitter, with the main targets being Facebook and Google with around 1 million snuck among the 26 million IDs reportedly stashed.

The security platform that managed to find out about this malicious activity goes by the name of Nordlocker. Researchers of the software claim that one of the threat actors accidentally outed the location of the secret database himself which is why Nordlocker was able to track it down. John Sears from Nordlocker claimed that they did not purchase the database, instead, it was given up by the hackers accidentally. The security company also made sure to warn others from buying off such evil bases.

Amongst the malware that could've been used, the hackers decided to make use of Trojan Malware, a malware that is usually disguised as legitimate software which is why security companies were unaware of the evildoings for so long. The malware was used to steal data from millions of users from 2018 to 2020 without being detected. If it hadn't been for the accidental slip, hackers would've continued to steal data from netizens all around the globe.

"The malware was transmitted via email and illegal software. The software includes illegal Adobe Photoshop 2018, a Windows cracking tool, and several cracked (pirated) games."

Trojan malware was also used to steal bank details through fake applications, a case that surfaced 2 weeks ago where TeaBot was used to ask clients to click a link, claiming the phone was damaged. The malware was then injected through the link.

According to Nordlocker, the database found included 1.2 TB of files - a sizable amount in our opinion, while the credentials stolen belonged to 3.2 Million PCs. It should be noted that all these PCs were Windows-based, considering that the attackers only seemed to target Windows, marking a question upon the security of the tech giant.

2 billion cookies were also found in the secret stash, consisting of 22% cookies that were still valid, according to an analysis by Nordlocker. The amount of accounts accessible with the help of these cookies is indeed insane and our worries are justified if you are a Windows PC user yourself.

If you were ever or are subjected to such data breaches, it is in your best interest to switch the password as soon as possible. It will be wise to erase all the passwords that use the same email and change them to something else. Furthermore, users should ensure never to use a single password for multiple sites again.

We are quite baffled that the breach went undetected for so long. The recent ‘slip’ of the hackers establishes that security services still have a long way to go to protect netizens from such attacks.

A big warning for Microsoft windows operating system users who use cracked software on their PC as hackers are actively trying to steal your important data
Photo: ValeryBrozhinsky / Getty Images/iStockphoto
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