TikTok Raises Awareness About Bullying On Its Platform Through New Hashtag

TikTok has made its name in the social media space very quickly and the platform has been on the number one listing for a long time now. The social entertainment network has a user strength in millions and that is not only because of the amazing features and great entertainment the app provides but also because of the fact that its users like how woke, thoughtful and spoken the social giant is about matters that actually affect society.

As a part of the same thoughtfulness the platform has put forward a new trend on its app which is related to the bullying that people experience both online and in person.

TikTok has started a global campaign which it announced on Wednesday that is related to making videos with the concept to stop bullying online. The tech giant has encouraged users to make creative videos related to bullying and use the hashtag #CreateAwareness to aware people what impacts bullying can hold on someone’s life.

Kudzi Chikumbu who is the head of the creator company and Tara Wadhwa who is the director of policy, both working in the TikTok US office enlightened the public about the positive response this new campaign has shown. According to them, after the launch of this hashtag, almost 50 billion videos have been created using it, and the videos have managed to gain around 400 billion views. All the videos related to kindness and their new campaign have blown up on the application and heart stickers and other creative affects related to the topic have been seen going on the platform for the past year in many countries.

The past year had been a hard one for everyone with the pandemic and lockdowns, a lot of us had not been on our best and it is great to see how both the tech giant as well as the people have realized how important it is to show kindness to others around you despite the circumstances because your words and actions can hold a huge impact.

Apart from this video campaign, the tech giant has taken another step where they will share animated video series on their TikTokTips account in which they have shared the stories from six creators who have encountered cyber or in person bullying in real lives, where they talk about what real long and short term impacts anybody’s action can hold on an individual and why is it necessary to stop such things happening in the society.

These videos from the six creators will be available on the applications Discover page and the tech giant is highly encouraging users to participate on the trending hashtag so that more people can be aware about it.

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