Facebook's New Survey Highlights How the Global Pandemic Has Changed the eCommerce Business World

The rise of the global pandemic in 2020, brought a whole lot of changes in the world and among all such changes, the change in the way people shop, there preferences and likes were also observed.

Facebook recently has published a report which states all the ways on how the pandemic has brought changes in the way people shop.

The survey report acknowledged the fact that because of the pandemic and the implementation of lockdowns, not only schools moved online but also did shopping. Almost more than half the world started buying stuff online from different well-known brands or small businesses limited to the internet. However, one thing people were very peculiar about their data security and tried their best not to share their data.

This was a bad news for Facebook considering how the application targets ads of preference to their users through all the collected data and Apple's new ATT feature was already a hurdle in their targeting.

But what Facebook noted was that 69 percent of those shopping online felt very connected to personalized ads of things they preferred but were reluctant to share their data.

On this, Facebook wrote that only if they find a way to explain to their users on how their data is being used and gain their trust would many start trusting applications with their data.

Next up the report focused on the fact that how much a mobile phone has implemented people's lives during this pandemic and it is not only limited to people shopping online through the tiny device in their hands, but now people rely on phones and the reviews on the internet before making a decision about buying a product in store as well, to assure themselves of its reliability and longevity.

One thing which also was observed during the online shopping on the pandemic was the interaction between the buyers and businesses on online messaging applications like WhatsApp and Messenger which grew by 40 percent and according to the survey a lot of consumers liked this interaction because it gave them a sense of surety about their buy.
Considering this, Facebook has now started working on making all their acquired online messaging applications like Instagram Direct, WhatsApp and Messenger to be more advanced in terms on communication between consumers and businesses.

One thing which was also highlighted in the report was the fact that though people are more intrigued towards personalized ads of their preferences but what they are most likely to buy is a good reviewed product from a trusted influencer.

Influencers online now have a whole community which trust them with theirs reviews all products which were given good reviews by people's trusted influencers rose in sales.

Facebook in their report has highlighted the impacts and the changes in the way people shop really well and it is true that the pandemic has affected our lives in more ways than we know.

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