Apple is defending the security system of its App Store because it protects iOS devices from the threats of sideloading apps, however, lawmakers are imposing to allow apps download from any website

Apple Inc. has never been in favor of sideloading apps on its ecosystem because it can become a major threat to the security of iOS devices, the CEO of company Tim Cook said a few days ago that Android has a 47% malware ratio than iOS has because Android allows the sideloading apps, but in case of iOS, it has the strong platform of App Store where all apps are carefully reviewed and assessed before they are posted to the App Store. Therefore, the security system of iOS is stronger than Android. The executive of the company Erik Neuenschwander said that App Store is a shield against the sideloading apps and if anyone wants to download apps from anywhere need to move on to Android where it is allowed because the Apple will never compromise on the security system.

The executive of the company further said that those who want to download apps from any website, should also know that their data is at risk and there is more chance that their important data can be leaked publicly. The company considers sideloading as the killing option, and the iOS is a platform where no bad actor can make users fool and cannot even hack their data. Hackers know that iPhone users will definitely download their app from the App Store due to its security system and therefore, some bad actors are trying to pursue users to download apps from other websites too.

The Apple Company has already alerted its users not to download apps except App Store. If users try to install unsecured apps from other platforms too, that means that they are deliberately opening the doors for hackers and cyber-criminals. The company furthers alerted its users that outside platforms do not offer parental controls and it will ultimately put youngsters and children at risk by revealing their data. The company alerted its users on the equivalent date when antitrust law was aimed to decline the control of tech companies on the digital marketplace. 2 of 5 bills would adversely impact the company because it compels the company to enable the installation of apps from anywhere users want.

Other big tech giant companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google also disagreed with the bill because it can become a hurdle for tiny businesses and a killing pill for giant tech companies as well. The post of the company came after the company faces investigations over the charging of 15 to 30 percent fee on the downloading of apps from developers that give Apple Company an undeserved benefit.

The company is determined not to put the security system of iOS devices at risk by enabling the sideloading apps therefore, the company has rejected this option so far. But it has already happened before that the company accepted some of the ideas that it rejected before, so time will decide the future decisions of the company.

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