Infamous Android Joker Malware Still Going Strong on Google Play Store

Google’s Play Store is notorious for having a real problem when it comes to malware, and while the most prominent apps that can be purchased or downloaded from the platform aren’t quite as dangerous as one might think, certain under the radar apps have become really good at infecting users with malware on a more or less regular basis.

The Joker malware is particularly notable since it has been around for about 3 years and no matter what steps Google takes to try and prevent it from having such a huge impact, it seems that the creators of the malware are able to figure out a way to bring it back time and time again.

The current iteration of this malware appears to be infecting around 8 apps, as per Quickheal researchers. These apps are Fast Magic SMS, Super SMS, Auxiliary Messages, Free CamScanner, Super Message, Element Scanner, Travel Wallpaper and Go Messages. If you have any of these apps on your phone, you might want to get rid of them more or less immediately lest they cause a wide range of problems for you down the line.

One thing that a lot of people would note is that these apps have most definitely not been created by prominent or trusted developers. If you were to stick to apps that have been made by developers that you can trust, then the end result would be a situation wherein you would no longer have to worry all that much about any type of malware that might infect your device.

If you think that you will notice when a malware has infected your phone, think again. The fact that Joker is so dangerous has a lot to do with how secretive it is while it infects your system and sends the malicious actors that created it all kinds of data.

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