47 Percent of Employees Ready to Quit their Jobs If Ordered to Return to Office

With the pandemic wreaking havoc all across the globe, the work-from-home culture has gained popularity. Now, with things going back to normal gradually, it appears as if many aren’t interested in giving their office lives another chance.

After surveying almost 1,200 Americans, WeBoost (a leading manufacturer of cellular signal booster technology) found out that quite a lot of people weren’t interested in returning to their offices. About 47% claimed that they would contemplate quitting their job if their boss demanded they return to their workplace full-time.

55% said that they would prefer working remotely at least part of every week. Moreover, 9% clearly said they wanted to work remotely full-time.

To say that offices have started to lose their charm would be an understatement. Moreover, with co-working spaces and cafes opening their doors once again, it’s clear that employees are in no mood to spend a considerable part of their day at their workplaces.

As of this moment, about a third of WeBoost’s survey respondents have already returned to their offices. Another third claimed they didn’t have any return plans set in place. And 30% said they should be back in their offices by the end of June at the latest.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the remote-working culture as the world continues to open up once again.

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