Zoom and Apple Have a Deal Which Gives iPad Devices Special Access to Multi Tasking While Using the App

When you are short on time and need to complete lot of work on your laptop or tablets while taking a zoom class or meeting how much do you wish you could multi task between applications using split screens and dividers. However, it is not the case for every device.

You read that right, not for every device but there is one that does provide this facility. If you are conducting or attending a meeting or taking a class on zoom using an iPad, you will have the facility to multi task while this facility will not be provided to other applications on the same iPad. This is not because zoom has some kind of feature that allows it but it is because of the fact that the application has managed to maintain a very good relationship with Apple.

According to Jeremy Provost, Zoom has managed to acquire a special license from Apple that allows the video calling application to multi task between zoom and other applications.

Zoom told Provost that they have a special private entitlement which lets the company use a multitasking-friendly programming interface that cannot be used by other application on Apple other than FaceTime.

Entitlements aren't new, but they're typically public meaning that they can be acquired by other applications too, all they will have to do is go through a process to enable it for themselves. However, Apple only provided this entitlement of multi-tasking to applications it considers worthy and therefore not all applications can acquire it until they prove their worth.

Zoom on the other hand has become a house hold name in times of the pandemic and every desktop and mobile has this application downloaded and considering how video chats while multitasking could be essential for remote school and work and hence zoom managed to prove its worth to Apple. While other competing apps might not get the same access.

This isn't to say Apple reserves every special feature for itself. It was noted that the M1 iPad Pro's Center Stage camera panning will be available to third-party apps. Still, this latest discovery likely won't be thrilling if you want third-party apps to have the same privileges as Apple's own.

Apple has been asked to comment on the matter of Apple and Zoom entitlement further but no response has been generated as of yet.

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