Google Chrome to Launch Voice Search On Mobile and Share Menu for Desktop Devices

Google Chrome is the most used search engine without any doubt and people look up to it in order to seek answers to their questions because the tech giant holds answers to a lot of their queries. The company understands the impact it has on the public and how much people depend on it and therefore works day in and out to provide their users with new and improved features to make their time online worth it.

The company has recently working on two new features.

The first feature that is making its way on Chrome for desktop has already been launched for Android phones previously, a few months ago. If you are thinking that it must be the Share menu, you are absolutely correct.

Google is planning on releasing a Share menu in the Chrome for desktop which includes it being made available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome OS platforms.

The sharing option will be made available in the address bar and the main menu. However, while Chrome on Android offers users plenty of options to share their content like where they can copy a page link, take a screengrab and edit, send it to your devices on which you signed into a Google account, share a web page by scanning a QR code, and print it to a printer or save it as a PDF and several other options which allow you to share the web link and contents to your social media applications like Facebook and WhatsApp, options may be lesser for desktop version of the feature.

In the beginning Chrome on Windows only allowed sending tabs to Android devices with an option in the tab context menu, and Omnibox however now since it has released the share menu on desktop chrome, it has released some new features for it as well.

Options like Copy link, QR Code, send to your devices, save page as and cast (tab) are available on the desktop version and are working perfectly fine. However, currently the share menu is accessible from Omnibox only, soon the option may appear in the menu also.

In case you are interested in this feature and want to enable it all you will have to do is start your Chrome Canary browser and visit the chrome://flags page, then search for hub and turn on the options for Desktop sharing hub in App menu and Desktop sharing hub in Omnibox. Then restart the browser again.

However, the feature is currently in the process of development and it will only make it your desktop once the desktop sharing hub code lands in the browser.

Apart from this, the second option is that Chrome version of beta V91, is launching a voice search icon in the search bar, as spotted by TC. Though the voice search option has always been available in Google previously for it users had to open a Google search page but now it is available in Chrome as a native feature.

In order to check if the feature has been made available to you open Chrome version 91, then open any page and check for a voice search button on top.

Google has always launched some really great features and we are sure that these new options will prove to be just as amazing. The tech giant surely knows how to win hearts with its new tools and we are sure it has a lot in its bag for the future as well, which we cannot wait to see.

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