YouTube Announces New Features Including Tweaks To Upload Defaults And Uploading Videos Directly From Google Drive

A new CreatorInsider video from YouTube product team discusses some new features and revamps that will be coming to the platform soon.

CreatorInsider videos are a near stroke of marketing genius from the brains over at YouTube. Instead of hour long livestreams, revealing very little relevant content and diving headfirst into grandiosity, these videos take a different turn. A rather mellow one, even. Self-described as "informal", the videos involve developers at YouTube making very simple, short, and to the point videos. They discuss current work, upcoming work, don't stray off topic, and ask for feedback in the comments. Perhaps legitimately the best way to deliver information.

Let's kick off the updates by discussing Upload Defaults. Upload Defaults, for the uninitiated, is a feature that allows a set amount of settings to remain constant across all of a YouTuber's uploads. Privacy and comments settings, language, tags, and other such options fit into default features a content creator can maintain. According to the CreatorInsider video, revamps to the formula will include the addition of multiple templates for users to choose from. Another is the introduction of Upload Defaults across mobile devices (more specifically, Android). One final tweak is allowing a creator to clone default settings from a previous video in a swift manner, avoiding all sorts of hassle.

The next feature is one we're sure many users will be happy about. YouTube will soon allow the community to upload videos directly off of Google Drive. No longer does a content creator have to worry about space on their desktop, deleting old files and assets to make space for newer things to come. Now, the Drive can be your designated YouTube storage space. This feature is honestly a no-brainer, considering how Google is the video streaming platform's parent company. Ah well, better later than never, right?

Earlier this year, YouTube announced pre-publish checks for videos being uploaded. Their goal is to scan videos for copyrighted and sensitive content, so as to prevent creators being affected by demonetization or DMCA strikes down the line. The CreatorInsider video reveals that work is now being done in order to incorporate the feature into mobile devices. The developer also delves into further tweaks, i.e. quicker checking, speedily informing users of any strikes, and so on.

Finally, the video talks about some other projects in YouTube's future. Auto-generated descriptions and titles were mentioned, along with enhancing thumbnails. AI really is taking over the future, huh?

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