Another way to share YouTube content is out as the platform starts expanding the user’s access to its new “Clips” option

The mega video sharing hub, YouTube said that the platform will be rolling out a new option named as Clips, which will be available to 10 times more channels over upcoming weeks. This newly introduced feature will provide an alternative way to share a specific segment from a YouTube video. Through this new Clips feature, users will be able to select and share a small portion (up to 60 seconds) from an eligible video clip. This small portion will kept playing itself on loop on the watch page of original video.

Once the user is done with creating a clip, it can be shared on any social media platform or through an e-mail by getting an allocated URL from the YouTube. Some believe that an automatic GIF making feature would be a better option and previously, YouTube was indeed working to introduce this option as well at one stage. However, Clips is another sharing option for YouTube videos and this feature could easily come in handy while highlighting a specific set of events or moments on the social feeds.

Clip is not going to be made available in an instant for the general users , instead the Alpha version for the feature is already out and is available for some limited channels with gaming creators being the main center of attention to help them in maximizing their gaming content though sharing clips. Even though the main focus of this Clips feature is with gaming creators according to YouTube, but still this will not be getting any changes in its expansion. If a channel is under the test group for Alpha version, they will see a button with scissors on it, indicating it to crop the video for Clip. In the beginning, the option was not common, but now it is getting visible with more accounts day by day.

YouTube is also going to add a new view counter for Clips for the eligible channels only. Through this, the user can easily track down the engagement of the shared clips. Sharing short clips is not a ground breaking innovation, however, it could be an interesting option as it provides some engagement while making shorter video clips out of the longer version from the YouTube uploads. Currently, short video clips are getting more trending as it has already been witnessed by the TikTok, an app famous for hosting short video clips.

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