Google employees are enraged due to a recent lawsuit on Android's location collection practices

Google's engineers and employees are in shock due to the recent lawsuit baring Google's secret location collection against users' knowledge.

In a recent article, it was brought to our knowledge that Google has new recrimination which has taken users by a blow. Arizona filed a consumer fraud claim against Google back in 2018. It recently took an interesting twist as two rather well-established trade groups, Digital Content Next and News Media Alliance pressured the court to publish the rest of the sealed documents to inform users in details of Google’s fraud.

According to the lawsuit, even Google's employees were kept in the dark regarding the location access and even though they work for Google, they're quite dismayed by the fact that the brand so actively practicing 'dignified engagement' would have such schemes up its sleeve. The only people aware of this violation were the executives and engineers of course.

The progression started when Google tested out its security features on Android a while back and was met by a tremendous response which they labeled as ‘advantage’ taken by the users. To deal with this problem, Google decided to conceal the location security features deep inside the settings and urge other companies to do the same. This enabled them to keep track of user’s locations even after they opted out of the location settings.

The unredacted document even went ahead to state that Google not only got its own hands dirty but forced other companies including LG to do the same. As for LG, we haven’t heard a single comment so we’re unsure if the claim’s true or not.

According to Jack Mezel, the former Vice president of Google Maps, it would be pretty hard to misguide Google from collecting your location data unless you were to change your current addresses deliberately. The much sought-over plot by Google makes it impossible for users to keep their lives private.

The document further uncovered all the vicious tricks Google uses to invade privacy including third-party apps. Now, these apps aren't even associated with Google yet it was stated that Google pressurized them into succumbing to sharing even the most minor data such as location services enabled when accessing Wifi.

Although Google failed to make any statement, Jen Chai - a location service manager, admitted that he was unaware of the company's lacework, calling it a ‘complex web’. Do you believe this to be true? The questionable claim from Chai further deepens the reliability crack that seems impossible to restore now.

Google employees, as well as the company, are now well aware of how this stunt is going to hurt the images of the company and make it lose millions of users. The real question here is how the company would revive the dead trust of the users now. Stay tuned to find out.

H/T: BI.
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