Instagram Is Testing Three New Features, Collaborative Posts, Limited Comments and Sell Button On The Profile

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform in the social media world currently and it has a large following to it. The tech giant realizes the amount of people that are in line with application therefore it makes efforts to bring about new features and tools which will help them to keep their audience intact and growing and also to make their application a user friendly space for everyone.

Currently, the application is planning on introducing three new features.

The first feature which has just recently been discovered by Alessandro Paluzzi who is a mobile developer and known for uncovering hidden/unlaunched features on social media applications. The feature is called “Collaborative Posts” and according to its detail it allows creators account to share a collaborative post. One account will send a collaborative post request to the other creator account and if the other account accepts, the post will be shared between the two accounts and either can manage it. This will be beneficial for the creators and businesses on the application who are always finding new ways to collaborate with each other.

The second feature, as per InstaLeaks, that is in the works for being launched is a “Sell” option on the business users profile. Along with this the name Shop setup button in the Business/Creator settings has changed with the current name being "Set Up Instagram Shopping", while new label is "Sell on Instagram".

This new option will allow business profiles to enable this feature tapping on which will most probably lead to users to a website or perhaps within Instagram where the online business can display all their prices and products. Prior to this option, businesses had to put in their website link within their bio but now similar to Facebook, Instagram has also allotted this new feature which will make it easier for users to shop online through Instagram.

The third new feature, as spotted by InstaLeaks, that is being tested for launch is known as “Limited Comments.” This new option can be enabled through the privacy settings on the application and will allow users to limit the visibility of comments on the posts that appear on their feed.

If you are wondering why these options are not available to you that is because two out three of them are only limited to business accounts however these features are still under testing and have not launched as of yet. So there is still time till they will be visible to you.

Instagram has always come up with new and unique features and lived up to the expectations of its users. We are sure these features once launched will be a hit and we cannot wait to see what else does the tech giant has in store for us.

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