WhatsApp is testing new features including “Flash Call” and it will allow users to transfer their chats to different/another phone number

WhatsApp has just submitted the new update via the Google Play Beta program and it is launching the new version up to WhatsApp is testing a new feature named Flash call that will enable the user to automatically authorize the phone when trying to log into WhatsApp. The company will ask for permission to access the phone’s call log of its users, if the users permit WhatsApp to access their phone’s call log, it will automatically verify if the users have received the call and it will save the time of users and will give them the complete access to their WhatsApp account. WhatsApp has given this feature the name ‘Flash Call’ for a reason because it will end the call as soon as it verifies that it’s present in the call log, so it will be the quick call.

WhatsApp has confirmed that it will use for once to confirm that users have received the call and it will only be used for this purpose and will be an option only if the user permits the company to do so. Users will also be allowed to use the old option of receiving the normal verification call by selecting the “Not Now”. WhatsApp is still working on this feature and it is hoped that this feature will be launched soon.

On the other side, WhatsApp understands that the chat history of users is much valuable for them and they don’t want to lose even if they change their phone number. Earlier this month, sources were saying that WhatsApp is also bringing the chat transfer and sync feature that might work on multiple devices, through which users will be able to transfer their chats to another number as well. That will be good news for all of us because now, we don’t have to lose our important chat history.it looks like WhatsApp is improving its feature in the near future to save the privacy and chat history of users. WABetaInfo has also confirmed this upcoming feature that will let users migrate their chats to another phone number.

Presently, users should have the same number if they want to get a backup of their chat history. The migration of chat history from Android to iOS, or from iOS to Android is still under development and it is hoped that will be rolled out soon. You can start the migration of your chat history when you connect a new Android phone to your existing account. WhatsApp will also enable the user to transfer their multimedia files to another number.

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