A New Tool On Facebook is Being Rolled Out for U.S and Indian Health Authorities

Since the emergence of the pandemic back in 2020, all facilities are trying to put in their work to help the world and raise awareness. Social media applications have played their own parts as well where many platforms have introduced new tools to update the public about the latest information on the pandemic and now with the vaccines rolling out, information related to the vaccine and places where they are available is also being updated in different regions.

Facebook recently introduced another new feature related to the pandemic and to help its community in such testing times.

The tech giant has introduced a new tool for 'Covid 19 urgent announcements' specifically for the regions of India and the United States and this tool is eligible for government pages in both the countries. This means that tool can be used by Pages for state and local health departments and municipal governments in the U.S as well as the health departments in India.

The purpose of this feature is to increase the reach and draw attention to posts that are related to the information about the pandemic and the vaccines and should be known by the public urgently. The feature hence will mark such posts as Covid 19 Announcements and the tech giant in return will automatically increase their reach so that it can be made available and be seen by more and more members of the Facebook community and also reach to those living in severely affected areas. The tool will also send notification to users on the platform about new updates.

According to Facebook the Covid 19 Announcement tools can only be used in posts which fulfil the desired requirements and criteria which includes posts that are timely, actionable and contain local information and should also be up to the community standards of Facebook.

The tech giant has said that once any post passes all these requirements it will be marked Covid-19 Announcement for up to 24 hours and an indicator sign will also be displayed on it which will mean that currently that post is also be visible in the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information Center.

In such testing times, it is great to see big tech giants coming up and using their platforms as a means to provide and spread authentic information as well as stop the spread of misinformation online related to the pandemic. Hopefully we fight this virus soon and go back to a mask free world.
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