Pinterest Reaches New Milestones, Crosses an Average of 5 Billion Monthly Searches

Pinterest is definitely that one platform with the most aesthetics and ideas where people search boards and pins to do some brainstorming for DIYs they can do themselves or just to take fashion advices or room decoration ideas. The platform is a wonderland in itself providing users with the best ideas and therefore it has a user base in millions.

The app has been doing wonders lately and considering how popular it is among the general public it was expected to happen. Recently, Pinterest shared some insights on their user search activity as part of an overview of how its search system works and how and what the platform has done in order to make themselves better and provide users with more accurate matches.

The report showed that the average monthly user search on Pinterest is over 5 billion and that is almost a 150 percent increase in comparison to the last user insight Pinterest revealed back in 2016 in which only 2 billion monthly user searches were observed. This shows the recognition and popularity the application has received in the last five years. However, all this was expected with Pinterest improving its aesthetics along with the pandemic, and the subsequent boost for ecommerce and online product discovery.

The report gives an idea about the user traffic and it was revealed that majority of the searches on the platform was made for products that the users were planning on or looking to buy.

Considering how Pinterest's focus is on product listings specifically, and helping users find the right items to buy, be that via clothing Pins, recipes, travel notes, etc. Keeping this under consideration, the report also revealed that the pin activity has also changed after the roll out of the vaccine and people have lately been searching a lot on “dream vacation destinations which increased by 13 times more and “luxury vacation” searches went up 6 times. However, this was expected because since the beginning of the pandemic everyone has been locked up in their homes and once we are reaching towards the end (hopefully soon) a lot of people will want a getaway to have a peace of mind.

Lastly, Pinterest says that the number of searches by Gen Z Pinners has increased 31% over the last year, while product searches, specifically, have grown more than 20 times year after year.

Pinterest is a great application and it is showing some great results and now with the user strength being almost 458 million, the application will be doing a lot of changes and bringing new stuff to keep their users engaged and happy.

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