Twitter Plans On Putting Labels to Some Account for People to Identify Its Purpose

Twitter is one of the most popular social media accounts in the social media world. The company is taking rather big steps and introducing some great changes and updating features on its application for their users. The company recently announced that it is planning on launching one new feature on the application. The tech giant is planning to introduce a new label for a special type of accounts: bots.

The social networking platform has a large number of bots on its application and these bots tweet out information or colorize your black and white photos. However, not all bots are harmful and not useful for users and hence the company wants to mark some of these bots falling in this category with labels.

Such kind of labelled bots will come in handy for users and will be helpful for them. The tech giant gave an example on this as such bots that help you find vaccines or warn you about seismic activity in your area will be labelled.

The labelled bots are expected to launch from this coming July on some selected accounts, however whether or not owners of these bot accounts will be able to apply for this label is not known yet and the tech giant is yet to comment on the matter.

The company has also announced that they will also label memorialize accounts to remember folks who have passed away.

From the looks of it, Twitter is not just stopping at labeling memorialize accounts and bots accounts. On Wednesday, during the press call for the announcement of verification one company representative also slipped in between about the company planning on working towards marking satire and humor accounts.

However, Byrne who is a representative at the company did say that marking satire and humor accounts is after the above two mentioned labels in the list.

So this means that the satire and humor accounts are in their extremely early stages and the company has only thought about it up until now, compared to the labeling of bots and memorialize accounts which will be launching within a few weeks.

According to the company, they are introducing such labels and marks to let people know who they are talking to and following online and when people will understand a purpose of an account it will help them make their own engagement, trust, and follow decisions.

H/T: Mashable.

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