2.9 million manual actions were taken against Web spam by Google in 2020, comparatively less than 2019

Almost a year later since the tech giant, Google released their yearly web spam report in June 2020. Recently another additional report has been released by the company giving an insight on the actions taken by the firm to handle web spam cases last year. The main highlight of the additional report is that the actions taken by Google were mostly done automatically with the help of their algorithm as compared to 2019 when the number of actions taken manually exceeded the algorithm based actions.

According to the blog posted on Google search central, more than 140 million messages were delivered to website owners in the search console. This figure dominated the figures reported in 2019 because of the availability of new sites that were made to help the owners at the time of pandemic. Total 2.9 millions of these released messages were linked with manual actions. The insight also revealed that this 2.9 million figure is less than the previous one.

Teamwork is an important factor to make any company grow and appreciating the efforts taken by a team helps in better outcome, hence as a tech giant, Google acknowledged the work done by the team all over the year to assist the users in preventing them from malicious sites. Not just preventing their users but the Search Console team played an important role in building up websites hosting content with better quality to minimize spam while maintaining atmosphere.

At the beginning of the report, the company wanted to take their user’s help as well to reach their goal in maintaining spam free experience for everyone. This is why, training sessions for search console were introduced which would help the learners to make the tools used by Google to take actions ,in order to make sure that this opportunity doesn’t get mixed up with other available content, Google search central was released and all related blogs were shifted for centralized resources along with a support channel through which spam activities such as system malware or hacking attempts could be reported. This was a successful initiative taken , as after this, the reported figures went up.

This setup played an important role in supporting businesses, even the small ones to make a better appearance on online servers. The Product Experts were the real backbone behind this stand who cleared most of the queries being shared on the forum. These forums were later expanded globally covering many different communities who continued to take help from the product experts. Not only the businesses but these experts carried out educational sessions with Google Teams to share their information as well.

This report wasn’t just about the actions taken by the company, instead it also showed how much Google wants to bring its community together on one platform to ensure a safe user experience.

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