Twitter Expanding Its Feature Options with The Introduction of “Collections” Within A Few Weeks

You may have seen a “Collection” folder to save your favorite posts on Instagram within their respective categories and a similar one Pinterest where you can save pins in different columns as well and if you are an active Twitter user you may know that this option was not available in Twitter.

However, that is changing now and that to for good.

While previously Twitter allowed you to save all the tweets within one folder only, the tech giants is changing its ways and adding a “Collection” feature in the Bookmarks Tab on its platform as well, as spotted by Jan Manchun Wong.

This new feature will allow users to make different categories to save tweets and then you can save tweets that you want into each of their own category. Twitter calls this new feature as “Collections” if you don’t know by now.

One reason this new feature can be of importance is that it will help users to keep a tab on which of their saved tweets was saved o which of the categories and hence it will help them to find the saved tweet rather easily at the time of need.

But the second and main reason the company is introducing this feature is because this an addition and achievement in the platform’s gradually evolving ecommerce tools. How so? The folders will provide another way to keep track of products that you may be interested in, helping to maximize shopping behavior.

Though this feature on Twitter will serving the same purpose as Instagram and Pinterest, Bruce Falck who is Twitter's Revenue Product Lead in a press release said that over the time, Twitter has become the main space where users come to interact with brands and companies about products and also the place where companies take a review about their launches from the public. Hence, though the company should have launched this feature before, it was high time it did now.

The brands on this platform are already interacting with the audience and developing creative ways to enable sales. So the platform wanted to make it easier for their users to save options and then buy the same saved product through their platform by just a few clicks.

This is a great initiative by Twitter and the tech giant surely knows how to make socializing and online activities easier for its public. The platform has always come up with unique features and we are sure that it has a lot in store for the future as well.

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