Twitter is adding a new iOS 14.5 prompt that politely asks the users to allow the company to monitor their data

Apple Company made many changes in its latest update of iOS 14.5; however, the major change was Apple introduced ATT (App Tracking Transparency) that compel the developers to ask for permission from the users to track their data. Many companies that run on personalized ads including Twitter and Facebook were against these privacy changes because it can adversely affect the advertisement business of the companies due to the shortage of data. However, ATT has allowed the companies to send users prompts within the policies of Apple to convince the users to opt-in tracking. Twitter recently has joined the ranks of other companies like Facebook to request the users politely to protect its targeted ad dollars.

According to a report, 15% of users across the world have enabled data tracking and only 6% of users from the US have enabled tracking. This could a chance for Twitter to convince its users and build up their trust that their data is in safe hands. The major explanation of Twitter for paying attention to its request is simple that is enabling the tracking option will allow Twitter to serve better ads. The platform has also included a link to settings to make the privacy changes, but before doing anything users need to read the justification of Twitter.

Twitter is trying to convince the users that by enabling the tracking option, they will be able to see the relevant ads on the app according to their interests and the websites they mostly visit. Other companies running advertisement business are using severe approaches to convince their users to enable tracking like Facebook has explained to its users that if they want to use its platform and Instagram free of charge, they enable tracking, which somehow looks like Facebook is forcing the users. But Twitter is using polite language that will have a positive effect on the thinking of users.

Twitter has also included a link in the Twitter Help Center to justify its request that why it has asked for the approval, included a link to its existing App Privacy Policy, and went over what allowing and not allowing to track does in iOS. It is an amazingly low-key effort to convince the users to allow tracking, considering the company pointed out the inclusion of ATT in the latest iOS 14.5 updates as a significant risk in its current earnings statement. Twitter said that it is expecting its income to grow faster than its expenses in 2021, and it also hopes that the situation of a pandemic will get better, and it will see a limited impact of the privacy changes in iOS 14.5. ATT has gained much popularity soon after its launch and Google is also planning to develop its own technique for disabling tracking on Android. It is expected that in the future, more companies will beg the users for free data.

Screenshot: Jerry Sarpong / Twitter

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