These Are the Most Significant Factors Impacting the App Choices of Mac Users

Mac apps are an important part of how its users perform various tasks throughout the day, and user preferences regarding these apps are usually very important to take into account. Setapp, a subscription service for Apple users, has conducted a survey to try and divulge users preferences in this regard, and they have revealed what matters most to users when they are choosing an app.

As far as money is concerned, the average user spent about $36 over the course of the past year. This actually isn’t all that great of a sum, especially for Mac users, and it indicates that they are not spending a whole lot on these apps which might mean that they have a preference for cheaper apps and the like. One thing that can be noted here is that 36% of users want to be able to purchase an app through a one time payment.

A higher number of users, 38% to be precise, said that it depended on the situation, whereas only 14% favored subscription based services. There are also a number of other factors that can influence what a Mac user favors in terms of their apps. Security seems to be the highest concern for these individuals, with 57% of respondents saying that this was what matters most to them. 47% of users said that the features that an app has to offer impacts their choice as well, which is surprising since it clearly matters less than security.

Rounding out the top three factors that influence a Mac user’s decision to download an app is the user experience or type of interface that they might be dealing with in this regard. Following this was 35% of users saying that privacy was a factor for them, 28% influenced by the price, 27% by the design and only 15% influenced by the reputation of the company behind the app.

That last statistic is especially exciting for up and coming app developers since it indicates that they don’t really need to establish a reputation in order to get people to start using their products. This also means that more app developers will have to start prioritizing adding security features to their apps.

Previously app features was considered to be the most important thing for app developers to end up focusing on. However, this survey has indicated that security trumps all, which shows that users are starting to become aware of how precarious their safety can be online and they are preferring apps that take that seriously as well. This is a big part of the perceptual shift that has occurred with regards to users and the apps they download.
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