iFixit breaks down the insights on the new 24-inch iMac disclosing the inner features of it

The new iMac just recently appeared on the surface of the earth and soon after the release, iFixit grabs one of them to give users insight on the inner parts before they got to buy one for themselves. The detailed review enables the Apple computer users to understand the product completely. iFixit disclosed all the inner components of the latest 24-inch iMac which consists of only one board and all the parts are adhered to it.

Apple has worked a bit smarter making this version of iMac as the x-ray done by iFixit discloses the innovative machine behind iMac. Compared to the previous models of iMac in which the company logo was implied as the cable to catch internet and Bluetooth connection, this latest 24-inch iMac is more updated version. The inner body of iMac is becoming more and more unique as the generations are getting updated year-on-year.

Now, for the WiFi and Bluetooth connection, the apple logo is still there but inside of it is replaced by a rectangular metallic plate unlike the shape of the Apple logo. Additionally, iFixit found two circles in the middle of the iMac that were suspected to be coin cell batteries. Furthermore, two big metallic plates are found on either side of the iMac, the purpose of these plates is still not known and iFixit couldn’t manage to discover the reason behind them. Although, it must be related to equal distribution of heat. With the help of glue, the screen is attached to the machine body and it cannot be detached without any tool. However, there is no such thing to see inside the body as only plates are visible.

iFixit discover the absence of metal chin which was present in all the past models and serves the function of protection of wires present inside. The latest 24-inch iMac is comprised of a single board, speakers, and two small fans along with metal sheets, cables for connection, and batteries. All of these internal parts are covered by metallic plates.
According to iFixit, the base model of the new iMac is different from the one they did the research on. iFixit studied the one which comes with four USB ports and base model is consisting of a fan and two USB channels. The new 24-inch iMac is built with M1 chip which means that all iMac features including CPU, GPU, RAM, and internal storage will be adhered on the same logic board. Because of this feature, any possible fault in the iMac will become impossible to repair. That is not at all surprising as Apple products are already difficult to repair.

Still, iFixit has not done yet, they are analyzing the components in detail to know the purpose of big metal plates. Moreover, the wireless keyboard along with touch panel and the repairable parts will be discovered soon.

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