TeamViewer has introduced two-factor authentication to ensure more security for its users

TeamViewer is a software that controls the maintenance of computers and other devices. The software was released in 2005 and has since then grown in terms of its functionality more and more. It is free of charge and can be used by anyone. To make the software more secure, TeamViewer is planning onto add another layer of security by introducing the two factor authentication.

The two factor authentication is a feature where a user has to be granted permission to gain access to an app or website after providing with the correct authentication code. This two factor authentication has been adopted by several apps and has proved to make accounts and devices more secure. At the moment this feature is not available to everyone at TeamViewer and is only application to TeamViewer Windows client, the company will expand this access in the future. To enable this, you need to head to TeamViewer’s Extras and select on Options that are displayed at the top. Then by clicking on the Security tab, you can create your code for your two factor authentication and scan the QR code that gets presented in front of you on your PC. After doing these mentioned steps, a notification will be forwarded to your phone asking you to either deny or allow your connections to the Windows device.

Even though this is only applicable for Windows devices, but no one will be able to access your desktop without passing through the two factor authentication from your phone. This is great step into ensuring more security for the users and to prevent any hacking that may take place. If you don’t like TeamViewer as your security software then you can also choose to download the software’s alternatives. These alternatives include GoToMyPC, Remote Access Plus, Zoho Assist, RemotePC, LogMeIn, Mikogo, Microsoft Remote Desktop and Chrome Remote Desktop. Having a security software on your devices has become a necessity and it is important that you choose one that is good.

The numbers of cybercrime activities have increased greatly and it is up to softwares like these and social media apps to come up with measures to prevent it, and something as two factor authentication might be the first step towards ensuring that.

The TeamViewer Remote Control app is available on the Google Play Store. TeamViewer has introduced this security feature along with fixing minor things and has brought improvements as well.

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