Due to the pandemic, more consumers have fallen prey to cybercriminals and their activities

Cybercrime is quickly becoming more common than ever. It is a crime that involves a computer or a network and can greatly mess up a person, a company or even a nation. The common types of cybercrimes are hacking, where websites are either shut down or misused, misusing of personal information which is also known as identify theft, phishing where fake email messages are used to get personal information of various internet users and the most common of them all, spreading hate and encouraging terrorist activities.

Last year in 2020, when people were forced to stay at home and quarantine themselves, the use of laptops other devices grew more than ever as everyone was trying to find some form of entertainment for themselves. Everything of our daily life routine, like school, work, shopping, social activities became all dependent on our computers; as a result these cybercriminals took an advantage of this and committed more of these hideous cybercrimes than ever. The American based software company that provides cyber security services, NortonLifeLock, found that over 330 million consumers in 10 countries were victims of cybercrime and around more than 55 million people have experienced the identity theft. These victims spent around 2.7 billion hours in trying to solve their issues.

The chief of cyber safety education at NortonLifeLock, Paige Hanson has said that the pandemic has had already such emotional and physical effects upon everyone and on top of that to be worried about your online safety does not help at all, as more people depend online for their daily chores everyone has become conscious of using the internet. Cybercriminals have obviously taken advantage of such situation which everyone was forced to adapt. Another reason for these increased rates in cybercrime activities may also be how as Americans are using most of their time online have actually forgotten how to tell apart from reality and fiction. According to the reports, around 73 percent of the American are spending their time more online than ever but only 59 percent of them are more than usual worried over the fact that they might become victims of any cyber-crime while 56 percent of the people have admitted that its actually difficulty for them to rely on the information that is provided to them related to these activities. 76 percent of the Americans believe that work during the pandemic where people were forced to abandon their professional office setting to work from home has made it far easier for hackers and cybercriminals to take advantage of people for their crimes.

Due to these increased rates in cybercrime activities, 77 percent of Americans have started to take precautions.
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