Study Shows How Different Age Groups View Social Media and Why They Use It

Different users present online have different experiences and different reasons as to why social media helps them and why do they use it. The factors and reasons may vary from generation to generation and age groups also vary in what people think social media should really be used for.

To gather what is the biggest reason people use social media for and what they think about social media a survey was conducted online by The Harris Poll on behalf of Sprout Social among consumers and business executives in the US. This consumer survey was conducted on January 27 till February 4, 2021 among 1006 adults who use social media and were between the ages of 18-74 to see what they think about social media’s impact in their lives.

The survey was categorized in questions with the impact percentages now and within the next three years.

Around 48 percent believe right now that social media helps them share information with friends, family and acquaintances and it is believed that this percentage will fall by two percent in the next three years while 54 percent believe that it is an essential way for their friend and family to share information with them. That percentage too is expected to fall by two percent.

35 percent people believed that social media is the best place for them to learn about new products, services, brands, news and current events and in the next three years that percentage is expected to remain steady.

While 27 percent said that they believe social media is their primary way to communicate with brands and companies as through social media communication has become a lot easier. This percentage is however expected to increase in future with more people aligning towards social media communication.

Different people had different views on what social media helps them do with 78 percent claiming that social media allows them to share their thoughts, feelings and observations with others while 71 percent said it helps them stay up to date with events.

62 percent said that social media has changed the way they look at the world now while 69 percent said they learn about new cultural trends online which gives them a broader insight to the world and different regions.

Three in five which is almost 61 percent consider social media as an essential part of their life, particularly younger generations.

This clearly shows how different people use social media for different purposes some to stay connected with long distance friends and update each other about their lives while some as a form of entertainment. However, the main thing is social media has an impact one greater percentage of this world.
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