Pinterest’s Creator Fund Program proved to be beneficial for influencers, applications for the next phase are being accepted

Since the number of social media platforms have been increasing day by day and users can easily switch to a different networks if they don’t find interesting and engaging content on one platform, which is why a lot of social platforms have started programs that would help their creators earn so that the creator and their audience stays on their platform.

Back in April Pinterest launched its very own program that will provide a funding of 500 thousand dollars to help creators from smaller communities, this program is named ‘Creator Fund’. Pinterest understood the fact that it should empower creators from small and under developed places as the people living in these places are affected the most from the COVID 19 virus. The Pinterest’s creator fund will help Pinterest get a lot of new creators that will surely bring new, unique and engaging content to the platform.

Pinterest has published a report on the performance of the first phase of the creator fund initiative and is also accepting application for the next part of the initiative. The report revealed that most of the people that participated in the first phase of this program got better results than before moreover their posts got 3 times more pins, while their monthly views increased by 72%. Through proper training and advice from experts, the participants of this phase of the creator’s fund saw a huge increase in their content’s reach and the number of followers, data suggest that all the participants of the creator’s fund collectively got around 24k new followers.

You can submit your application right now for the next part of the creator fund initiative, last date to apply is June 3. The program will run for around a month and this time Pinterest is looking for 10 more creators so that they can teach them skills to grow and empower them. Pinterest mentioned that they are specifically looking for creators that are from the LGBTQ+ community or from the BIPOC since they want to maintain diversity.

Pinterest is now one of the few social sites that is giving out funds directly to creators and is motivating its top creators to stay creating content on the platform so that they don’t switch to other similar platforms. The functionality of social platforms is getting similar day by day which increases the competition for the top creators as without top creators on the platform audience will eventually lose interest and leave the platform. This is the reason why social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Pinterest are adding more ways for their creators to earn.

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