LinkedIn Presents Its Transparency Report for The Second Half of 2020 and from The Looks of It They Are Taking Some Great Steps

LinkedIn has revealed its Transparency report overview for the second half of 2020 in which they mentioned the actions they took against the accounts which were fake, the government information requests and content removals. The tech giant may not be very popular in terms of brand and influence campaigning but the steps it has taken in order to keep its platform a safe and secure one is worth the appreciation.

The issues for fake profiles is common on all platforms and on LinkedIn it is probably the most dangerous one. That is because once a hacker/fake user starts forming a connection it will not take time for them to gather information about you and create a fake profile. The tech giant has created automated defenses through which they have managed to block almost 98.3 percent of accounts that they believe were fake. In the Half before that LinkedIn had brought down almost 33.7 million accounts in the process of registration only claiming that they were pretending to be someone they are not. All together in total the tech giant has managed to stop the fake accounts on the platform by 3 times and hence through all this the scams have stopped at some level.

Apart from this, LinkedIn like many other applications have taken steps to stop the spread of untrue content on their platform. The tech giant has managed to stop the false information online and has seen a large chunk of content being removed from its platform which contained misinformation particularly about the pandemic and the US elections. Apart from this, content which can be categorized as harassment and violent or graphic images have also been removed.

LinkedIn has shown a great user interaction in the past year with the ongoing pandemic in which many people have lost jobs while many companies are seeking more employees and the platform has been a life saver for many in terms of this. However, with the increase in interaction there has been some negativity on the platform which the tech giant is managing to handle through their improved detection features.

LinkedIn however saw an increase in the above two mentioned factors but the government requests however seemed to be pretty stable on the platform compared to the other applications. In the government factor, the US information requests saw a slight decrease while the queries about non US rose slightly.

The platform is a fairly great one when it comes to job seeking and looking at the overview of the Transparency report it looks like the tech giant is making sure that the experience and the data of their users remain secured on their platform at any cost which is a great step.

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