Google Experiments Again: Trending Searches are now displayed on Google Mobile Homepage

Google is experimenting again and not many people are liking it.

The mega-corporation is determined to shape its search engine to its user's benefit however it does not always generate the wanted result. Recently, many users noticed a change in the usual Google homepage. When searching, it showed the current trending topics but did anyone ask for it?

Why was such a feature enabled? Google insists user efficiency to be their primary goal which is the prime reason behind this update. Now, when you start a search on google, you can find the top searches without having to go looking for them.

The development was brought to light through a tweet on May 20th by Twitter user, Tommy Hymas, who screenshotted and posted the trending searches with his utter dislike for the upgrade. In his tweet, he also asked for a solution to turn it off. Danny Sullivan from Google team, then replied pretty bleakly suggesting the man a solution.

While many people deem the upgrade to not be of much use, we might argue that it is somewhat beneficial. Google claims that the search production popping up on your mobile homepage is a result of your searches therefore you won’t be bored with stock plunges or Bitcoin production.

Google uses the keyword you entered to search similar articles. Additionally, you will be able to see the most popular topics in the trend box. Google also accesses your App activity to keep tabs on your likes and searches. We have to admit, this does make us a little paranoid. If you're one of the 'clean' ones and frequently empty your searches, such access would not be possible for the search engine.

It was also noted that most people who were in a hurry, ended up mistaking these trending topics for their search results. The ‘inaccurate’ results to their searches also caused much irritation amongst the public.

Turning off these predictions is pretty simple, you just have to go to your settings and tweak a few options. However, this will also disable the results of any past searches you've done. If you want to turn off only trending searches, Google enabled an option for that as well. Navigate your way through the settings ( to the general section and turn off the 'autocomplete with trending searches.' Plus, you can also turn off personalized results to get rid of auto complete predictions from here: 

Moreover, in case you haven't noticed these trending searches and want a glimpse of them, visiting the google trends page might help you catch up with the juicy gossip.

The upgrade has just been enabled and hasn’t covered much ground. We have yet to see how the greater public reacts and if the detesting of the upgrade will continue. Until then, Google should keep its fingers crossed.

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