Amazon took the Top spot in the ranking of best companies in the US to work for in 2021, according to the list of LinkedIn

According to the list of top companies of the US, Amazon is recognized as the most wanted workplace in 2021, it is based on the capability of the company to attract and hold talent from across the world, as this ecommerce company provides the skills development and especially career advancement opportunities to all of its employees. According to a report, more than 400,000 people in the US became part of this company and this company generated more than 950,000 jobs in tech, logistics, advancement manufacturing, and retailing in 2020. This also ranked in the list of top 5 most powerful companies of the US and the world.

Using its own data, LinkedIn ranked each of the 50 companies based on 7 pillars, skills growth, career growth, diversity of gender, the stability of the company. The external opportunity provided by the company, company affinity, the educational background needed. To get the place in this list, these companies should have less than 10% of staff reduction during 2020 and should have more than 500 employees working in the company. LinkedIn and its parental company Microsoft, and the subsidiaries of Microsoft are not included in the list of top companies.

In addition to each company having career advancement opportunities for its employees, all of the companies in the top list are actively hiring staff, with more than 300,000 roles are now open across 50 companies, the report of LinkedIn says. LinkedIn news senior manager and the editor said that people want to work for Amazon because it is keen to invest in their career growth. It is no doubt that even Amazon ranked first in the list; the company had recently faced some complaints from the workers. Currently, the company has committed $700 million to employees’ up-skilling program via 2025, and 16 weeks paid "Returnship program". The Alphabet (Google's parent company) ranked 2nd in the list of top 50 companies of the US, its Rotation program which enabled the staff to spend 1/5 of their working hours on assignments related to business which also added much value.

JP Morgan Chase took the 3rd spot due to its ‘’women on the move program’’ that provided learning and leadership training to its staff. AT&T is at 4th number in the list as it is providing free of cost courses in the business and tuition assistance program. The Bank of America is at 5th number providing diverse leaders sponsorship program and other women educational program in partnership with the business school of Colombia. IBM is at 6th number as it is motivating its employees to spend 40 hours per year on professional development programs. Deloitte is hiring more than 18000 people from the US, and connecting each person to experts, therefore, it took the 7th spot on the list.

Apple is at 8th number and it is also providing online classes on software skills and general business programs. Wal-Mart and Ernst & Young are in the 9th and 10th spots. However, the pandemic situation also increased the importance of healthcare companies on the list and five companies took the spot in the top 5 companies, including United Health Group on 11th number, CVS health on 15th number, Kaiser Permanente on 23rd, Johnson & Johnson on number 30th, and HCA healthcare on 34th.

Some companies have helped their employees shape more of a life at home fared well with real estate firms, including Keller Williams No. 20, Realogy on 31st, and some automobile companies including General Motors on 37 number, and Ford Motors on 34th.

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